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How To Capture PuTTY Session Logs

Here I would like to share How To Capture PUTTY Session Log.

  1. To capture a session with PuTTY, open up a PUTTY.
  2. Look for Category Session → Logging
  3. Under Session Logging, choose «All session output» and key in your desire log filename (default is putty.log).
Putty Session Setting
  1. This should create the file in the location you choose and start loggin everyting from the session.
  2. For capture Cisco Router or Switches(I tried with Nexus 1000V on VMware vSphere), type «show running-config».
Cisco Show Run
  1. Open your session log file(e.g. my_session.log), Cisco Router/Switches running config file are save or backup.
Putty Session Log